Sunday, July 19, 2009

Some Brainstormed Ideas...

Matt and I decided that Taylor really doesn't do much besides toys, friends, and TV, which is fine because she's 2, but we want to start developing her skills and stimulate her. So, we brainstormed some ideas that would help stimulate her and her brain but were fun at the same time. So this is what we have come up with... When she wakes up in the morning I have her help me make breakfast (I want to teach her how to cook), then we do chores around the house... laundry, teaching her how to make her bed, etc. Next she's given three books to go through while listening to classical music. Then she watches a shapes and color movie, followed by playing with blocks. Then it's off to the park for some fun. Then a nap (she still takes 2 hour naps every day, it's great). When she wakes up she does her ABC charts and learning to recognize letters, followed by color charts, then shape charts. Next are flash cards, then toys, then painting and coloring. She is starting swim lessons again too. I wanted to start her in ballet, so I called the ballet academy but they won't teach anyone under 3, so we'll start that next year as well as violen lessons. I am excited to finally have the time now, instead of working full-time, so I can play with her. It is so much fun being a mom!


Jeff and Anna too! said...

I love your blog, Mari! You are so ambicious to do all that with little Taylor. She'll probably be the smartest kid in California by the time she's 5.

ARe you coming to Tanya's wedding??? I think Jeff and I are both going to be able to come, I'm so so so very excited. She's got a blog